Datafile Software is modular so you never need to pay for parts of the system you do not need. At the same time it has the underlying strength of its integrated architecture to underpin your business as it grows.

A selection of modules available is shown below:


  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Cashbook
  • Job Costing
  • Payroll

Order Processing

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing

Stock and Production Management

  • Works Order Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Batch Tracking
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Stock Assemblies

Data Integration

Batch updating from third-party products for:

  • Sales Transactions
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Stock Transactions
  • Job Costing Transactions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders

SQL interaction including ‘slice and dice’ reporting and website integration.


  • D-Shop B2B/B2C Webshop
  • Third-party website integration
  • EDI
  • XML


  • Contact Management/CRM
  • Business alerts
  • Profiler Application Generator – allows the construction of standalone and integrated applications and sub-systems as well as advanced reporting and data manipulation.


The Datafile menu system can be user-targeted so staff need only ever see those parts of the system that are specific to their area of responsibility. Furthermore, individual program options, menu items, and even single data fields within a table can also be restricted by passwords and authority levels so you can be assured that sensitive data is available only to appropriate staff.


Each Datafile module comes pre-configured with a standard suite of reports which provide the essential data needed by any business, but because each business is different Datafile allows you to change these reports so that they suit your own particular preferences.

Datafile also comes equipped with the ‘Report Generator’ which allows you to set up your own reports from scratch on any table. For more complex, multi-file reporting, the Profiler Application Generator is a powerful alternative.

In addition to hard-copy output (to a printer),all reports may be sent to PDF, and there are direct links to Microsoft Office, so you can communicate swiftly using Outlook, and analyse, re-sort and share your financial reports in Excel. Likewise, automatic merges may be carried out with your customers and suppliers using your in-house Word templates. There are also links to OpenOffice.

One of the most useful features in Datafile is the Print Spooler, where you can save your ‘what-if’ enquiries in your own library, and assemble historical audit trail reports for easy access, to be reviewed or printed at a later date.


For advanced users, Datafile's ‘Profiler Application Generator’ provides a complete toolkit for developing and enhancing your existing Datafile modules. Unique line-of-business applications may be built using their own tables, screens, documents and reports. Training can be provided in the use of Profiler, or you can commission Software Connection to help you develop applications.

The application generator is extremely versatile and its power means your business-specific data may be entered, controlled, shared and analysed without the need for special programming. Profiler's uses often begin with advanced sales, purchase, nominal and stock data analysis. This is only the start. Over the years, we have used Profiler to create a wide variety of modular enhancements, including Course-booking, Logistics, Intrastat Supplementary Declarations, Picking and Packing, Royalties Reporting, Commissions Reporting, Data Integration and Personnel systems. In short, if you have any kind of requirement which is not met by the standard modules, Profiler can address it.