Site audit

Before you commit to any purchase we will visit you at your place of business to conduct a site audit. By speaking with you and your staff we will be able to build up an understanding of the nature of your particular business, the way you work and the business processes you conduct. We will then be in a position to recommend a particular level of the Datafile product range, the modules you require and any other functionality that may be needed.


Having assessed your business requirements and processes we will install the appropriate software for you. The modular nature of Datafile means you will only ever pay for the parts of the system you require and we will ensure the applications are configured with all the settings and options that pertain to your specific business.


Our training is centred on the individual duties of your operators, to enable them to work most effectively. We are happy to provide role-focussed training for all staff, whether Chairman, payroll clerk or IT professional, and we normally maintain close links with the on-site system administrator.


System support is provided by telephone, on-line remote assistance or site visits, depending on the scale and nature of the problem. Urgent problems are dealt with immediately and on-line access to your network means that we can start to remedy any problem within minutes. We aim to respond to all non-urgent calls and e-mails on the same working day. Our experienced staff are polite and friendly and always do their best to resolve any issue in the shortest possible time.


As your business grows and changes so Datafile can adapt to your new requirements. We will help you formulate the best methods for achieving any new business goals and then implement them for you – whether this involves configuration changes, new management and analysis reports, additional program modules, business-specific Profiler applications or program modifications.

Other services

In parallel with our Datafile services we can advise our clients on their general IT needs, including future-proofing, software and hardware upgrades, networking and cabling, communications and software integration. These services can be comprehensive and amount to a ‘one-stop-shop’.